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Asphalt Repair Services

At Economy Asphalt, we handle all types of asphalt repair. No matter how high quality your asphalt surface started to be, all surfaces become damaged over a certain amount of time. This can result from exposure to weather, fluids from vehicles, the sheer weight of cars, or a combination of all those things.

When asphalt is damaged, the quicker it is repaired, the better. If you leave it unattended, the damage will only worsen, and sometimes that happens very quickly. Whatever asphalt repairs you need, our paving specialists can provide prompt, high-quality service at affordable prices.

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Pothole Repair

At Economy Asphalt, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to pothole repair, and we make sure that we provide that repair as quickly as possible and for a reasonable fee. Remember, our paving specialists use only the highest quality materials for each job. That means that you can rest assured that your potholes will be repaired quickly and permanently.

Crack Repair

Once cracks form in an asphalt surface, water and other fluids can seep into the cracks and weaken the asphalt. When the asphalt is weakened, further damage can and will occur. Like any other asphalt damage, cracks need to be repaired quickly. Crack filling and patching can temporarily fix the damage and delay the need for more extensive repairs to the surface. Still, it is essential to remember that once cracks begin to form in asphalt, they will continue to develop no matter what kind of repair is made. The crack filling does accomplish one crucial task. However—it prevents fluids from seeping through the cracks into the asphalt, further damaging the surface.

Skin Patching

Whenever a small area of asphalt becomes cracked and depressed, skin patching is an excellent choice to repair the area of asphalt. A skin patch is simply a thin layer of asphalt poured over an existing damaged area and smoothed out to form an even surface. Like all asphalt repairs, skin patching can prevent water and other fluids from seeping under the asphalt, resulting in more damage.


It’s important to remember that although damaged asphalt can be repaired, the surface won’t last forever. Eventually, it will probably either need to be resurfaced or replaced. Until that time, repairs are a good and cost-efficient way to temporarily resolve the problem. Let our trained professionals assess your asphalt surface and recommend which repair option is best for you.