Concrete Contractor

Creating Concrete Jungles Since 1995

Looking for a concrete contractor in Seattle is not a difficult task. It seems lately everyone is becoming a contractor. Although most businesses come and go, we have been in Seattle since 1995. We have grown to be the most reliable and sought-after concrete contractors in the NW because we don’t cut corners, use high-quality products for our projects, and treat our employees with respect so we can retain them longer than most companies.

This means that you will have highly trained and experienced contractors working on your next concrete project. However, we don’t expect you to pay a high price for quality service. As our name states, we are Economy Asphalt & Concrete. We believe that quality contractors should not come with a high price tag. We offer competitive pricing against the competition. We constantly survey the market to ensure we are always competitive when bidding on your project.

Why Choose Concrete?

Residential customers should consider concrete when building a new house or doing any work around the home to ease their lives and make things more accessible. Let’s look at why this is the best choice:

  • Strength: Concrete is very strong. It can support all kinds of weight without buckling, cracking, or other damage.
  • Durability: Because concrete can stand up to stress, it is very durable. It retains its form and strength for years and, in some cases, even decades after installation.
  • Safety: There are many safety concerns when working around the home, and concrete dramatically reduces the dangers of all kinds of falls. This is because concrete provides a strong, flat, and even surface that is not slippery like other surfaces.
  • Appearance: Concrete has a very practical look with its gray coloration; however, there are ways of coloring concrete in any shade you want. Nowadays, stains can be used, or painting can be done with shapes or designs. This creates interesting effects like the appearance of marble or other looks.
  • Easy to Maintain: Cleaning Concrete is very easy to clean because concrete can be sealed. This makes concrete surfaces resistant to dirt and grime. All you need to do is spray water on the surface to remove dust easily, then wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel.

Concrete Services

Concrete Patios

Let us build the patio of your dreams. Our patio designers can help you design your patio or bring your design.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways not only last a long time, but it adds curb appeal to make all your neighbors jealous.

Concrete Repairs

Do you have a walkway, patio, or driveway that needs repairs? Can we help you? Our trained professionals can give you a fast estimate and get your project done in a minimal amount of time.

Concrete Walkways

Are your walkways in need of repair? Maybe you want to make your patio or front yard the envy of the neighborhood. We can help you realize your building dreams no matter your project size.