Commercial Concrete and Asphalt Contractor

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For All Your Commercial Needs

We understand the importance of the appearance and condition of the parking lot for any restaurant, strip center, or other commercial building. Our services range from maintenance to complete repair for asphalt or concrete at a competitive price.

At Economy Asphalt, our estimators work with your priorities to review the site and build a clearly defined scope of work with a detailed map. We will create a proposed schedule around the needs of your tenants and offer after/off-hours scheduling.

Commercial Asphalt Services

  • Asphalt full depth and surface repairs
  • Overlays
  • Speed humps, bumps and cushions
  • Base, excavation and compaction
  • Drainage solutions, regrading, inlets
  • Recycling of materials in place
  • ADA parking level up

Commercial Concrete Services

  • Removal and Replacement
  • ADA Accessible route construction/modification
  • ADA ramps
  • Drive-lanes
  • Dumpster pads
  • Approaches in Right of Ways
  • Curb and gutter repairs